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What Christians Believe.

That God created the universe and everything in it.

That God is a three-in-one God (the Holy Trinity), Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

That when God created all things including humanity everything was perfect, but human beings chose to ignore the safety measures he laid down for living life and as such caused a rupture in our relationship with him that was catastrophic in its consequences. Put simply humanity became self-centred and self destructive, the results of which we see very clearly every day. Fortunately for us, we are also still capable of great goodness too, but because of our imperfection we and the world are constantly blighted.

Because God loves us he wants us to be happy and fulfilled. He also gave us the free will to choose between what is good and beneficial to us and that which is harmful. However, because we made such a mess of things God did not want us to continue living in that state. So he made provision to bring us back into friendship with him, in order that one day we can live with him forever in a state of everlasting joy and peace.

To do this he sent his Son, Jesus Christ to come and live with us here on earth in human form, in order to share in our problems and suffering and to bring us back to God the Father. Put very simply, this means that if we believe that Jesus was the Son of God and ask him to share in our lives by his invisible Holy Spirit, then we shall be saved for eternity. We shall also live more satisfying and purposeful lives here and now.

There are many other aspects of the Christian faith which are not dealt with here, because it would be too exhaustive. This website is merely seeking to explain its basic tenets to allow for further exploration by anyone who cares to do so.

How do Christians live out their faith?

Through the Holy Spirit– We believe that God’s Holy Spirit, which is a part of the Holy Trinity comes to live within in us when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord. The Holy Spirit then both inspires and strengthens us as we seek to live out our faith according to the teachings of Jesus. These teachings are laid down not to frustrate us and make life difficult, but to free us up to be more fulfilled and happier people, who share of ourselves in so many ways, to enhance the lives of all.

Through prayer– God is not only infinitely powerful, but also full of love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness. He knows exactly how hard it is to live out the Christian life, because he did so himself in the person of his Son Jesus Christ. Because of this he wants to give us all the help that he can and another way he does this is through prayer. This is simply a way of us saying to God that we need help with a particular problem, just as we might do so to our parents, our friends or various institutions in society. The difference is, that God has the infinite power and knowledge to give us exactly the right help we need in the right way and at the right time. The answers and help that he gives us may not necessarily be those we expect and we may wait a long time for them, but they will be what is right and for the best.

Through the Holy Bible – Christians believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God. It tells the story of the Creation of the Universe including the birth of humanity and some of the plans that God has for us and the world. It consists of 66 books in total, most of which are very different in nature and contain truth, wisdom and helpful advice on how to get the very best from life and achieve real and lasting personal fulfilment.

Christian Friends – In your local Church you will find people of all ages and backgrounds who have a common goal in worshipping Jesus Christ and trying to live out his style of living for the benefit of all. You will find a community of people who support each other in these aims and offer friendship and kindness unconditionally.

For some evidence and a more in-depth look at the Christian faith please click on the “Evidence” page. Or if you feel you would like to begin a friendship with Jesus now, please go to the "Meet with Jesus" page. 

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