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Meet with Jesus

Jesus really wants to get to know you and bring you to live with him forever; that is why he came to earth and died on the Cross.

However, before he can do this he wants you to understand and acknowledge your need of him. A part of this is accepting that we, as human beings are sinful (or flawed, if you prefer). Only by accepting that fact and asking him for forgiveness can you become his friend. It doesn’t matter what you have done in your life up till now, or even if there are some things that you may not have done and deeply regret. Jesus can forgive you anything as long as you say sorry to him for the past and then try to live differently in future. His power will help you to do this.

He is offering you that free gift of life right now, but as with all gifts, it has to be accepted and opened. You can do that by praying the prayer below (or something very similar using your own words) and then you will be connected to Jesus forever. He will also bless you and help you in all that you have to do for the rest of your life.

Prayer to ask Jesus into your life

Thank you, Lord Jesus that you died on a Cross so that I may receive your gift of eternal life. I ask you now to forgive me for all that I have done wrong. Please come into my life by the power of your Holy Spirit. I give myself to you forever. Amen.

Tell someone of your decision

You have just made the most important choice that you will ever make. This is something to rejoice and be glad about. Why not tell a close friend or family member of your decision to become a Christian, to underpin this important step in your life?

Read a Bible

Get hold of a Bible and start to read one of the Gospels to find out more about Jesus. The Gospel of Mark is a good one to begin with. The Bible is a richly varied source of help and guidance, as we walk the Christian path.


You have just prayed a very significant and life changing prayer. It is a good idea to pray or talk to God regularly. Just come to him in a quiet time each day for a few minutes to tell him about your needs, your fears or anything else that you feel you need help with. God is your heavenly father. He loves you immeasurably and wants you to be the very best of what he made you to be. One way in which you can be helped to grow as a Christian is by praying or talking with him frequently, to receive his blessings each day.

Try joining a Church

Consider joining a Church, which will become a great support to you in your new found faith. Here you will meet with other Christians who will befriend you and you can learn more about what being a Christian means to you personally. If you want help with finding a Church just go to the “Churches in your area/contacts” Page. 

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